Fight Fatigue and Find a little Joy. Even in 2020

Burnt out? Finding and celebrating the little moments (and messages) that bring you joy may be just what the Doctor ordered...

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Hey, did you check out our new fonts?

We are continually working really hard to address the feedback we receive from customers about how to make Keepster even better.  Most recently, we launched a pretty major update that took a lot of design work and testing to get everything just right!  The result is you can now choose the perfect font for your Keepster book! Check out the gallery of font options on our Books page.

We also have plans to launch more features later this summer.  Some of the cool features you’ll have soon are:

  • cover and dedication pages preview so you can make sure they are perfect
  • enhancements and polish to the app to make things feel more intuitive 
  • more personalization and design choices for books (cover title and sender name colors)



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Pandemic Burnout is Real, Time to Seek & Celebrate Those Slivers of Joy...On Your Phone!

July 2020


Let’s try find a little Joy
(Hint: Look In Your Messages) 

Burdened by pandemic worries or burnout? Chances are, you’re experiencing it right now and you are so not alone. Americans are the unhappiest they’ve been in 50 years, according to a recent study. Relentless stressful stimuli (read: 2020), coupled with prolonged periods of grief, anxiety and uncertainty takes a toll. So, how can we battle back? Experts agree: wash your hands, wear a mask, and maybe... try remember what joy was, or maybe even can feel like in the here and now (yes, right now). Here's hoping, at least a little joy can be closer than you realize. 

For many of us, Joy in 2020 has been diminished. Milestones and major moments have for the most part been sidelined, but there are little places where joy can still live - in the spontaneous, in the minimal and even yes, in text messages.

Messages and messages galore…. What do you see? 

If you haven’t done so in a while, now is the perfect time to create a new Keepster backup. Once your messages are securely synced within the Keepster desktop app, don’t forget: you can search by keyword, contact, date, and more - it’s so easy.

So?  Which messages will you explore? Messages from 2020? Or messages from what now seems like a whole other era, before COVID and all? Maybe they’ll be the chats with your Mom, kids, sister, old co-worker, cousin abroad, or even from a Bumble blunder. Maybe you forgot about those messages? Maybe you looked back only to realize you really do have a little more to smile about, even in the here and now? 
Joy is never a constant state. It’s always just moments. So maybe we can just try to do this: simply decide that those fleeting moments of joy - even in 2020 -  are worth remembering. 

So, what are you going to do with those messages that can help *Spark Joy*?

Whether you cherry-pick the chats that spark joy or go all in, selecting up to 800 pages of’s all totally up to you. Whether you choose to save these messages in Keepster folders or as printed books, they can exist as a unique (unintended) journal of this life-changing time, along with any of the other moments that you choose. Even though we might not realize it now, for many of us, there could well come a time when we will probably choose to look back at our messages to remember… In fact, creating a Keepster book might just become your new favorite ‘quarantine’ activity.

If ever there was a time to be more conscious of messaging it is now. 
It sure can remind us we are not in this alone... 

At Keepster, if we’ve helped bring comfort, a few smiles, *spark joy* or just made sure your messages will always be easily accessible to you, you have no idea how rewarding that feels to us! For now, and for always, we want you to be sure that no matter what - revisiting those special messages and moments, is possible - whether in a printed Keepster book or on your computer only just a click or two away. 

Thanks to Keepster and ... Enter Keepboard! 

Chances are that Keepboard, our new app for iPhone, is also going to be super valuable to you! 

Tagging messages with Keepboard is a brand new solution to bookmarking messages the moment they happen, and makes finding them later a snap!

Being part of the Keepster community, means you value many or all of your messages. So you’re probably going to really like Keepboard - our newly released iPhone app, now available in the App Store. With Keepboard, you can bookmark and organize the messages that matter to you, right there on your phone, the moment you send or receive them!

We built Keepboard in a way to make it flexible and adaptable to your needs.  With Keepboard you choose or make up your own list of hashtags - ones that will be most useful to you when bookmarking the messages that you care about. 

When we say Keepboard is a fully customizable app, we mean it! You can use our suggestions or create any hashtag you can think of,  to organize your most meaningful, fun or important messages, both personal or professional. 

Simply add the Keepboard keyboard to your phone, as you would for any other keyboard app. Then use your personalized hashtags to bookmark the relevant messages as they occur. It’s super easy and simple to use! 

Most important of all, when searching for messages on your iPhone, you can simply do so by using your Keepboard hashtags!!

No more wasting time scrolling back and back, no more screenshotting or whatever else you’re doing!



How Does Keepboard work?
(For example, let’s begin by Bookmarking the Messages that #Spark Joy)


  1. Install Keepboard 
    Head over to the app store on your iPhone, and download Keepboard for FREE. 
    Create your account and let’s get started. 
    If you already have a Keepster account, you can skip the "create account" and simply login using your same email and password.
  2. Start your list of Hashtags! 
    Once you’ve created your account, you’ll immediately see our list of “Suggested Hashtags”. No pressure, you can use those -  or simply riff off them for inspiration.  At least, why not select #SparksJoy as your first hashtag! 

    Before you can actually use any hashtag in a chat thread, you’ll want to go to:  Settings - general - Keyboards - Keepboard - Allow full access. 
    (This allows the Keepboard keyboard to access the internet to download your hashtags.) 
  3. Ready! Set! Use!  #SparksJoy 
    Send someone a message with a little joy.  Go to one of your conversations or start a new chat and write your contact something that will make them smile.  Then, switch to the Keepboard keepboard while you are messaging - never having to leave the messaging app you’re in to add a hashtag. This streamlines your whole experience!  Toggle on your #SparksJoy hashtag, hit insert and then send.  You’ve just sent some joy and bookmarked the message so you can find it again later.  

    You might also receive a message that warrants a #SparksJoy tag.  If that’s the case, when the message arrives in your inbox, let the sender know by sending them a reply with your hashtag.  So in this case switch to your Keepboad keyboard and toggle on #SparksJoy. Also if you like, any others that might be relevant, like #grateful or #bestofthebest or even #MomWisdom. Again, it’s all up to you! 

    Press insert and hit send. Boom, Bookmarked! JOY! 


Welcome to highlighting memories, moments and messages in 2020! You can now easily recognize and tag the daily digital conversations that matter to you (especially the ones that #SparksJoy)!



We hope that integrating both Keepboard & Keepster into your life helps you with your daily digital communications.

From easily organizing your messages ...
to extracting what is meaningful …
to focusing …
highlighting …
zeroing in on what matters …
appreciating …
possibly even ‘journaling’ or documenting …
improving your productivity …
and last but not least … saving yourself lots of time you now have the tools to truly do more with your messages.

So, what are you waiting for?
Let’s battle back against burnout and get busy with Keepster & Keepboard, today! It is our sincere hope and belief that once you start looking at your messages - and moments of joy, even in 2020 - differently, you might just find a little more that #SparksJoy. 


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