A Keepster Book Filled with Family Messages, The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Video Review by Verified Customer - Suzanne Brown

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Part 1: A Tech-Novice Review of Keepster: Easy Desktop Download, Secure Text Backups, Reliving Messages and More 

Lifestyle blogger, busy mom and verified customer, Suzanne Brown, was on the hunt for the perfect Father’s Day gift for her husband: something special, fun, and totally customized. Enter Keepster books: professionally printed and completely customizable chatbooks, filled with her family’s very favorite text conversations. With a house full of teenagers and a wildly active family group chat - Suzanne knew a Keepster book would be the coolest way to commemorate all those awesome #DadTexts, moments, and messages that make her husband the ‘raddest Dad’.

A self-admitted tech-novice Suzanne was nervous that downloading the Keepster desktop app and syncing her phone would be challenging or time-consuming - she was shocked at how simple the set up was! Once Keepster had completed its backup of her messages, Suzanne got to relive the sweetest family texts and chats she couldn’t believe she’d forgotten about! 

“If you have teenagers you know, your entire communication with them will be via text message! What Keepster does is allow you to turn those text messages into a beautiful book. When I went back and looked at some of my messages, it was the sweetest stuff. I cannot wait to put those into a book and have him read back on those conversations!”

We are thrilled to help Suzanne and her family celebrate their #1 Dad this Father’s Day - and we can’t wait to see his reaction to his Keepster book


Part 2: A Keepster book of favorite Texts, Chats and Photos Was The Perfect Way to Celebrate My Family

Last time we checked in with Suzanne, this busy blogger and mom of three was just embarking on her Keepster journey - creating her first backup and exploring all of the desktop app's capabilities. She found syncing her phone’s messages to her Keepster app far simpler than expected, and was thrilled to report the whole process was fast, easy, and painless! With Father’s Day on her mind, Suzanne had decided to order a Keepster chat book for her husband, filling it's pages with the cherished texts of her family's group chat. With two teenagers and one tween at home, Suzanne knew that so much of that meaningful daily communication was captured in her text messages. The conversations, updates, jokes, and even “I love you’s” that she’d want to look back on one day. What she didn't realize - until she started creating her first chat book - was that her family group texts told the stories of their 'everyday' moments she'd never want to forget.

Suzanne recently received her bright blue Keepster book: packed with precious memories that the whole family loved re-reading and reliving. Titled "I Love My Family" after a favorite inside joke, Suzanne takes us through her Keepster experience - from selecting the messages that made her laugh out loud, to finding the perfect picture for the front cover, to being blown away by just how user-friendly creating this chat book really was. The end result? A beautiful book filled with the moments and messages they'd shared.

With a close-knit family of five and the hustle and bustle of modern life, texting captures the everyday conversations Suzanne didn’t want to lose: thankfully, she now has a professionally printed momento (and Keepster technology) to ensure she never will! 

"You can print photos, you can print emojis, you can print screenshots of a video...every person and what they were saying is color-coded so you know exactly what message comes from who. It's super high quality and the colors are AMAZING. It's just such a great way to keep those conversations forever and to go back and read and reminisce." 

We are happy to report that Suzanne loved her Keepster experience. Now not only are her messages safe kept and secure, but some of her very favorite family moments have been turned into a forever keepsake! Suzanne looks forward to creating Keepster chat books for family events and holidays, and can't wait to tell her friends about the app that finally helped her do so much more with her messages.


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