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Tips to Create Digital Vision Boards for Better Results

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A common practice during the new year is making plans to change habits or reflecting on ways to better an aspect of your personal life. These goals or changes are known as “New Year Resolutions”, we all make them each and every year. Maybe it’s to stay in shape or to be more patient. Did you know that you can give a gift to someone who is trying to follow through with one of these resolutions? Help them by reminding them of the commitment that they’ve made for the year and why you hope that they can see it through.


Gift Ideas for New Year Resolutions

Here is a vision board or list of gift ideas to give someone working through a New Year Resolution. There are more examples that you can find online but these are the most popular kinds of vision board ideas and styles.


Different Types of Vision Boards:

  • Collages - a collection of images of shared memories.  Many people save up their magazines and clip out photos, words, and images that evoke their goals and aspirations to create a collage that works as a vision board. 

  • Digital Boards - something that you can save on your computer, phone, or social media platform like Pinterest.   A pro tip from some life-hack experts is to put your personal goals and visions on your phone’s lock screen or background.  We see our phones so frequently that they serve as a great reminder.  

  • Bullet Journals - designed to be a visual, personalized way to keep track of information in a creative way.  This is more of a textual-based vision board, using your words to keep you mindful of what you’re looking to achieve. 

  • Dream Walls - decorative glass for walls, countertops, furniture, and more.  This allows you to leverage your physical surroundings as a means to human design.  For example, by layering a shelf in your home with a set of items that reflect your personal goals.  If your goal is to run a marathon, putting a finish line ribbon and pair of running shoes on your bookshelf at eye level keeps your “eye on the prize”.  When you consistently expose yourself to intentional prompts they can affect how you see yourself.  You might be surprised at how these small prompts also change the way you conduct yourself.  

  • Metal or String Grids - crossing strings or metal wires to create a grid can create a stunning effect.  Whether it’s to hold images and objects in place, or whether you use them to hang a floating dreamscape like a manifestation mobile, they create an environment that encourages your imagination.  

  • Vision Books - creating a vision book allows you to flip through a story of things, places, and people you aspire to.  This can be done with any material, but we love the materials that are sitting in your text messages to create your own vision book to help propel you into the future.   


For example, one Keepster user, Britini Dangelo, created her own custom book to celebrate the completion of her first half milestone.  She created a book that reflected the steps of her journey straight through to the finish line, all via her text message memories. 



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This practice of celebrating your successes helps you affirm that you have the power to do new, challenging, and exciting things. It reminds you that all of your goals are within your reach and powers your belief-in-self to motivate you towards your next milestone. 


The Importance of Visual Reminders

Having a visual reminder for your goals creates a helpful prompt that encourages us  to meet the milestones we set for ourselves. They help in staying organized and focused and also in reminding about the importance of balance in our lives.  Create a visual reminder that you can see, touch and interact with to prompt you to what your priorities are.  Staying mindful about our goals and seeing ourselves achieving them is the first and most important step to realizing your goals.   

You can do this with a custom Keepster Book by reviewing what matters most to you and what makes you feel abundant now.  Review your memories by using the Keepster app to download, backup, and organize your text messages into folders.  Find the messages and memories that evoke those warm feelings for you.  Determine how you want to conduct yourself to amplify those moments of gratitude in the future.  Use your text message thread, photos, or a combo of the two to create the story of what your future abundance will look like.  Creative New Year’s resolutions based on your cell phone text messages might look like.

  • More trips that take my breath away.  
  • More unexpected news: I have a package.
  • That big performance/night out 
  • Hitting my goals; I said I would do it, and here’s the proof.    


Framed New Year Resolution Graphic/Photo 

A simple way for someone to remember their New Year's Resolution is to write down the resolution that they’ve committed to and then get it framed as a year-long picture. Having that physical reminder will help anyone remember their goals each and every day and how to fulfill it.  Do you wish you could take that thing that everyone doubted would happen and seal it in the “official record” that it has been done?   Get that text message from the doubters or haters and turn it into the fuel to fire your motivation when you see it on the printed page.  Make it part of your custom Keepster book; sometimes there’s nothing more rewarding than defying the odds and proving others wrong. 


Text Message Thread of Daily Reminders with a Group

Making a New Year's Resolution and sticking to it is hard alone, but if you make one as a group it could be easier to follow through that path to getting it done. Start a text message chain with a group of friends and/or family members who might also have a similar resolution.   Turn those memories into a book at the end of the year to laugh, cry, and celebrate your journey together.  The Keepster books give you a chance to reflect on how much you and your accountability partners accomplished, allowing you to stay on track with the progress you made.  


Make a Custom Keepster Book

Combine both of the above points by creating a custom Keepster book. This book uses your saved group text message thread and allows you to create a book of remembrance. Whether or not you want this book as a reminder of your commitment or if you want it after having completed your resolution goal and want it as a memory. No matter when you create your Keepster book during the process it will help reinforce your intentions and help solidify a strong path to reaching your goals.



Why Keepster Custom Books Are Meaningful Gifts

Keepster is the best custom messaging text book option for meaningful gifts. Keepster allows you to make a custom book using a variety of any of your meaningful text messages. Keepster books are super thoughtful and make your recipient feel loved because they are unique and surprising.  Make your inside jokes, memories and keepsakes that are stored in your phone come-to-life in a real, printed and bound book.  

Keepster books are a great portable solution as books can be created through your iPhone with the custom Keepster app. Take a look at some of the quotes below that describe the user experience of creating a custom message book with Keepster.

“Discover the Keepster Book as an unforgettable gift, nothing competes with a real personalized book for lasting value and sentimentality. Your generosity will never be forgotten. All of those memories can now become a wonderful keepsake – and the perfect gift for your loved ones.”

“Design your own custom book with Keepster today! If you need more book gift ideas, checkout our previous blog posts here.”


For More Information on How to Create a Custom Keepster Book

Keeping the messages that mean the most is often an overlooked opportunity, it seems so simple, but it’s still a powerful memento and physical artifact that hits you differently than the digital delivery does. While we generally live our lives online, our printed books bring our digital lives into our analog lives to tie them together in a unique, fun, and inspiring way.

Keepster books are very near and dear to our hearts, as they are the idea from which the Keepster app sprang to life.  Take advantage of the opportunity to turn messages from your iPhone into professionally printed and bound books.  Keepster Books are a wonderful way to re-live and revisit special messages that truly mean the most. 

The great news about making a book is that all you need is to have created a Keepster folder. And from there, turning one into a book is a snap! 

To quote one of our customers: 

 “Such an adorable and unique record of our family’s history at a great moment. It took me less than 5 minutes to make!!! So much more fun and EASIER than any other photo book!”



Keepster Books are based on the messages that you have backed up and saved to Keepster folders.  If you have not already made a Keepster Folder, check out our post on How to Make Keepster folders. If you wish to change, remove or add newer messages please refer to How to Edit Keepster Folders, How to Save Thousands of Texts, and to How to Update your Keepster backup.

Keepster offers a wide range of personalization options for your custom vision book. Find the theme, font, color, and more that works best for their visual goals for 2023. Give a gift that has more meaning than anything money can buy.

Plan for the New Year right by using the Keepster App and create your first custom gift vision book.  Whether you’re looking to reinforce your progress, solidify your goals, or brainstorm new, fun New Year’s resolutions, you might be surprised how much Keepster can help! 

Learn more about how to make your Keepster book, step by step, in our guide to making text message books


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