Dedication Page 101 with Keepster

How to write a great dedication page for your Keepster Book

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Congratulations! You’ve decided to create your Keepster book, selecting your very favorite moments and messages, photos and emojis...bundling them together in the most personalized present yet. Cue all the confetti because you’ve just elevated yourself to gift-giving pro and the lucky recipient is going to absolutely love it. Now, before you’re ready to go and relive those unforgettable texts and chats, we’ve got to cover one awesome aspect: the dedication page. Here’s your chance to take a soon-to-be cherished keepsake to the next level - the dedication page is one of the first pages your loved one will see (after the customized cover, that is). Consider it the opening line to your very own book. What will it say? If you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect little piece, fear not. We’ve got a few Keepster tips below:


1: Make it personal:

Sounds obvious, but the dedication page is your opportunity to tell the lucky individual why exactly they have a book like this in their hands! Maybe your Keepster book is a thank you for all their years of adventure and friendship, or maybe it’s a surprise summary of your love story so far, maybe it’s even a baby book for doting grandparents - filled with texted sage advice and priceless photos! Your why and your story matters. Tell them about it here, first! 


2: Celebrate the Occasion:

If you’ve created a Keepster book as a gift for a bride-to-be, birthday, anniversary or just because - tell them! We’ve given you enough room to wish them the happiest of days, no matter what the occasion is.


3: Consider a Quote:

Still stuck? Add a quote! Whether it be from a favorite shared moment or movie, song or chat - the right quote can easily make your dedication page! 


Now you’re ready to get to writing!

Whether you decide to keep it short and sweet or pen a grand entrance to your story - either way, you can rest assured the recipient will LOVE it!



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