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Our monthly newsletters are our way of sharing what we're talking about, here in the Keepster offices. At the front of our thinking is the time of year, and what it might mean to us. We hope they are timely, thought-provoking, helpful and inspiring in ways that'll help you get the most out of Keepster. Check out our archive of monthly email newsletters to see news, updates and what's on our minds.  

‘Tis the Season to be Thankful For…

Cell Phones!
For the month of November, we’re glad to share a rollicking song! But before we do, let’s get straight to it. Holiday Gifting is looming ahead! Look no further! In just a few clicks you can create the most meaningful, one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone!  Simply turn your favorite texts and photos into Keepster books. In the words of a hap...
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New Month, New Moments

Spookiest Thing About October? ... Is How Fast It’s Flying By!
It’s like we snapped our fingers and poof, it’s October!  You won’t catch us complaining. We’re diving face-first into pumpkin-flavored everything, watching the fall leaves start to turn. There’s something so sweet and nostalgic about this time of year here in the USA - plump pumpkins sitting on doorsteps, the hunt for the perfect Hallowee...
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September: Get Your Sh*& Together Month!

Timely and useful information from Keepster Newsletter - September 2019
Ah, September... Hello, fall! How are ya doin’ back-to-school season? Okay... most of us haven’t been students a while. Even still Still, we’re fully embracing the spirit of it all: a fresh, bright-eyed new beginning. We’re feeling compelled to organize our calendars, our desktops, and even our texts. There’s something about this...
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