Keepster was first dreamt up as a solution to a gift giving dilemma. Our founder wanted to give someone a book of their text conversations - the ridiculous, the sweet, the sappy, the mundane, the maddening, the hilarious. She saw the meaning in those messages and knew the recipient would too! Turns out, most everyone loves revisiting old messages and the memories along with them. Also turns out, there wasn’t an easy way to create such a personalized book. Now there is. Easily create the greatest gift - filled with messages and moments that matter to you. Read our stories of giving the gift of Keepster.

How The Modern Day Baby Journal Made My First Mother's Day!

Using messages and photos you've shared with your friends and family to make a Keepster Baby Journal.
Our precious baby is eleven months old today ... and what they say is true: you really don’t know the kind of love you’re capable of until they place that squirmy, pink, squishy and in our case - screaming - bundle into your shaking arms.  Our daughter changed our whole world. No, that’s not it, she became our whole world.  From the mom...
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Why I Give My Kids Gifts to Celebrate Mother's Day

There are so many great messages I've exchanged with my kids ... so I put them into Keepster books for each of my beloved children
Another year, another Mother’s Day is rolling around. I can’t believe it - you blink, and 26 years years of devoted and endless mothering have come and gone. To say it has been the privilege of a lifetime to be a mother would be a true understatement. That's why this Mother's Day, I decided to give my children gifts to celebrate. After all, they...
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A Keepster Couple "Why My Impossible-to-Shop-For Husband Loved Getting a Keepster Book"

Keepster’s capability to turn those cherished texts and photos into a soft or hardcover book was the perfect gift.
  Hi, I’m a sentimental millennial Some people are impossible to shop for: either they have it, they don’t need it, or they’d rather skip presents all together! My husband would be one of those people. I don’t mean to make it sound like he’s difficult - he’s wonderful and the sweetest but when it comes to any holiday that calls for gift-gi...
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