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The 'badass women" in Congress: a Sisterhood of Texters

Hats off Badasses! Of course, they’re texting. That’s what friends do.
Legislation by Text? This New York Times headline got me Veterans Turned Lawmakers Form a Political Band of Like Minds, April 7, 2019. Why? The article points out that of the 67 new Democrats in Congress, 10 came out of the military or intelligence agencies. Very interesting, right?  They were immediately magnetically attracted to each ...
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Texting Etiquette 101!

Texting plays a huge role in personal interactions, so here are 15 rules to message like it matters.
Three Cheers for Dalvin Brown’s USA today article ... that recently appeared in USA Today:  15 unwritten rules of communicating in the digital age, according to people on Twitter We’ve all heard it before: the way we communicate these days has changed drastically. But Mr. Brown had the brilliant idea to delve further by asking people o...
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