How to celebrate the Coolest Guy in your life - by making a personalized book of all his messages!

Why a Keepster Book hits the spot for a Father’s Day gift

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Father’s Day is fast approaching:

How will you be celebrating the Kings of Cool in your life (or even simply, Dad Jokes?)? Hear us out: a Keepster book is a gifting opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Let’s face it, any parent relationship can be filled with trials and tribulations, but plenty of good things too. If you’d like to show your dads how much their words and ways of showing love actually mean to you, Keepster can help you come close! 

Here's why Keepster Books filled with Dad messages are so awesome...

📱 💬 🏆 You’re probably sitting on a gifting gold mine already!

If you're already texters, a simple scroll-through will prove it better than we can. Chances are your messages will reveal some of what makes him...him and a special aspect of your bond that neither of you might otherwise appreciate.

📖  🤳 A Keepster book is as unique as your relationship. 

You can choose a favorite picture for the cover and write a special dedication picture to fit the texts, chats, photos, emojis, moments, messages, memories that truly tell your story.

💥 💭 Some stories are worth having in writing: this is your chance! 


Now that you've been convinced that a Keepster book would be the perfect Father's Day gift ...

Maybe you aren't sure you have all the best messages to include yet?  Here are some ideas to spark the chats and conversations you might also like to include.  Take a look at some of our very favorite text questions you could send to add to what you already have!


How terrible of a teenager was I? 
Remember that one night when I…
What’s one thing I did growing up that still makes you laugh?
What can you still not believe was ok for us to do back then?
The thing I did that made you crazy?
Rank the siblings, from favorite to least. I’ll start: Me


When did you know…
What’s the thing that gets you through - a tough day? A rough patch? 
Do you have a life motto? If so, what is it? 
What’s one thing you think everyone gets wrong about life?
If you could change one thing about our world today, what would it be? 
Do you think we have a life’s work? If so, what do you think yours is?
Where do you feel most at peace? 


Remind me of that story when….
What’s your first memory as a kid?
What was your most happy time growing up?
When did you ever feel lost?
When did you know mom/your partner was the one?
If you were on a desert island what would you want to have with you?
How do you make? 

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you?
What’s the thing about me that you love the most? 
What brings you the most joy?
What does being a dad mean to you? 
What’s the way to make someone feel loved?
What’s the most ‘you’ quality I possess? 


Mark your calendars, send your texts, sync your threads ...

And if you can, hug your Dads!

Father’s Day 2021 is June 20th, and this year, let’s celebrate our one-of-a-kind guys with a one-of-a-kind gift.  Check out all the ways you can personalize your Father's Day Keepster Book.



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