How To Make the Best “First Valentine’s Day Gift” for Your Partner

Tips for crafting custom stories from messages and photos you’ve sent in-real-life (IRL).

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When you’ve just started dating someone and you’ve only been with them for a short time, figuring out the best Valentine's Day gift can be very stressful.  You don’t want to overdo it, and you don’t want to underwhelm them, either.  It seems like you can waste hours just trying to come up with the best DIY gift for your first Valentine’s Day together.  

The high pressure of the first Valentine’s Day can strip away some of the fun and excitement for new couples. So why wait for Valentine’s Day to arrive just to settle on a basic dinner out? 

Don't wait for the last second and get something generic. You don’t even have to overspend, it can be personal and meaningful. Enjoy the excitement of new love and stop overthinking what to do, the answer is in your hands. This Valentine’s Day you can create a DIY gift from heartfelt text messages and archived photos which are easily accessed in your iPhone conversation threads.  Follow us on a journey to create the best first Valentine’s Day gift ever.  

Keepster is the optimal custom book option for creating a personalized Valentine’s Day gift for your first celebration of love. Listed below are common tips and ideas to set you on the path towards creating a memorable first Valentine’s Day.



  • Since it is your first Valentine’s Day together you don’t want to give them something too big or extravagant. Instead, opt for something that is small and easily portable. A great way to take your memories of love on the go. Getting something that lasts helps them remember that you spent time to make the moments special.  Making it meaningful but not too over-the-top from a financial perspective alleviates the potential to create an early imbalance in the relationship.  While you have created something artistic and well crafted, it’s more about capturing the moods and memories around your special moments than trying to impress with showing off the size of your wallet.

  • You also don’t want to put pressure on your partner to make the commitment be more than what it is, so you might want to create more of a “lighthearted” custom book of memories than one that is solely romantic. Putting the right message forward and making sure boundaries aren’t crossed can be important for a healthy relationship and allow for growth and maturity to be found. Keep your custom relationship book lighthearted but steer away from anything entirely embarrassing.  Your memory book should highlight the playful, fun and serendipitous moments in your chat history and the quality time spent together so you can cultivate that magic and keep it growing well past your first Valentine’s Day.

  • If you have a clear exclusivity to the relationship you can make the book more of a romantic experience. You can pair it with candles, bubbles, and champagne to make the book have a more special “feel” to it. This can be a private experience that can be shared in a more “frisky” and private atmosphere.  Feel free to make it a “for your eyes only” book and highlight the sexiest moments from chats and text messages that got the sparks flying in your relationship.  Don’t worry, with Keepster, your messages and your book are secure.  Our app keeps your messages and images private and secure.  Your book is printed and bound professionally without your messages being handled by prying eyes, and your privacy is ensured throughout the process. 

  • You can create a friendly first Valentine’s Day together with less romantic overtones with a custom “What I love about you” message book highlighting all of the special things that the object of your affection has shared with you over the past year.  Highlight their silliest, most inspirational, and heartfelt moments.  Show them the spots in that text thread when they showed up as the hero in your life and earned your admiration.  Whether you’re celebrating your first Galentine’s Day, or whether you are just beginning to date, this type of custom love book can keep your bonds growing strong.   


A Keepster book can be made to be as small or big as you want it to be. From casual to deep, no matter the level of your relationship, Keepster’s here to help you make the best first Valentine’s Day DIY gift that shares your whole heart.  


Steps to Make Your First Valentine's Day Book

Keepster was created when our founder had a Valentine’s Day gift idea.  She couldn’t find any solution that allowed her to print out her romantic text message history to create a custom love chat book for her own first Valentine’s Day gift.  In that same spirit, our mission is to celebrate moments that fill our loving-cup every day.  That’s why we’ve developed special features and customizations to help you pour back with a text message book as unique and special as your love together.

Here is a quick guide in helping you create your custom Valentine’s Day book.  


Step 1

Creating a custom Keepster Valentine’s Day book starts off by creating a “project”. 

After you set up a project, you can track and save progress through the book creation process This means that the book can be progressed throughout your day whether you’re creating your DIY Valentine’s Day book on your PC or Mac computer. You can always go back into your project to make a change or edit a selection of text or images, if needed. 

To get started creating your first Valentine’s Day Keepster book, simply click the “+ projects” link on the right of the folder name (which is a folder that you have created, a separate resource link will be offered below on how to create this Keepster folder.)

You can also get started by going to the “My Projects” tab after opening the folder you wish to use.


Step 2

Personalize your Keepster custom Valentine’s Day book. Choose the color, the cover image, the text, the placement. All of the tools that you need to create a one of a kind, personalized “I love you” book are at your fingertips and are all included in the Keepster app. 

We rotate our color selections seasonally. This means that during the Valentine’s Day holiday we will be offering colors and patterns that represent love and its meaning. So choose the pinks, the reds, or any other color that best define your relationship and its characteristics. 


Step 3

Personalize your title page and write a romantic dedication page. This is where you can truly add the personal touch that will not just help your partner define the relationship but also those touches around special memories that are the closest to you. You can avoid the awkwardness of people not understanding the seriousness of your relationship when you set clear intentions for your relationship and solidify it in writing. 

A dedication page is the best way to clearly state the meaning of this gift and outline the significance of the book and your relationship together.  There’s no stronger message you can send as a gift when you celebrate your first Valentine’s Day together. 


Step 4 

After you have fully customized your book to the specifications and colors that you want, it’s time to preview your first Valentine’s Day book. The preview screen gives you an opportunity to review the details of your book to make sure it matches your vision. It should contain the appropriate cover, title, font, page order, images, and text threads that best tell your romantic story. 

Use the left & right arrows below the book preview to choose the page you wish to preview.  This preview view is also where you will see the total page count for your Valentine’s Day book.

If you want to change something that doesn’t look right you can click the “Edit” button to exit the book design and make the changes needed.  

If you would like to add or remove messages from your first Valentine’s Day book, simply return to the Keepster folder, where you started creating your book, and make the changes there. If you need more help learning how to edit Keepster folders please refer to our blog post.


VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT PRO TIP:  Take advantage of the opportunity to preview your book. Read it back to yourself from beginning to end as a last edit to make sure you didn’t leave any of your romantic highlights and important, personalized love messages out.  Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled or adjusted and Keepster cannot be held responsible for any user errors. 



See our full guide to creating a Keepster book here


If everything looks perfect (just like your partner), you are ready! Click the Continue button. 

Then you can print your first Valentine’s Day gift book and truly make it something tangible for you and your love to share and enjoy together.

What memories made your first Valentine’s Day together special?  Come chat with us on social!  


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