8 Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Give a personalized gift to everyone on your list this holiday season with Keepster Message Books!

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Who doesn’t love the holidays? The lights, the festivities, the cozy moments, and of course, the gifts. But we all know that looming question that every holiday season brings: what do I get everyone?

It turns out the perfect holiday gift for men, women, loved ones, friends, and even co-workers is already on your phone —the text messages, conversations, and photos that make up your lives, relationships, interactions...and theirs too. Turn those moments into a new and unforgettable DIY holiday gift everyone will love with Keepster Message Books.

Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or even a mid-holiday season birthday, Keepster makes it easy to create a unique gift for the ones that brighten up your life. The best part? Beyond selecting messages to make up your book, you can also fully customize the cover, style, layout, color, fonts, and even include a dedication to your recipient!

To get your Keepster Book Idea inspo *jingling all the way*, we’ve pulled together eight perfect holiday gift ideas for your partner, co-workers, family, and friends.


For Couples & Spouses

Our Love Story … Through Texts.

Whether you met your significant other online, on a blind date, or you were the two in your group that finally got together, there’s bound to be a record of text messages that tell the story of your relationship:

...the initial conversations that had you checking your phone 24/7 for their response.
...the first texted “i love you” that made you blush BIG time in front of your friends.
...the “hey babe you got this. you’re amazing. also you’re super hawt,” that picked you up with a laugh and a smile when you needed it most.

Give your love, your soulmate, the person that holds your heart a Keepster Message Book, and you can both re-live the exciting (and yes, sometimes slightly awkward) moments of your romance again and again as you cozy up under the holiday lights.


The Year That Made Me Love You More

After the wedding bells ring, marriage is filled with plenty of milestones to mark your love and marriage. After all, it’s only the beginning.

Commemorate those moments of love and growth with the messages, texts, and photos that:

...celebrated your new chapter as homeowners, “OMG. they accepted our offer!
...or the DIY fixes that ultimately resulted in you texting: “Uh, I think we need to call a plumber.
...or even celebrating the first addition to your family “Babe, I have BIG news!

Create a Keepster Message Book as a heartfelt holiday gift for your partner, husband, or wife. We guarantee they’ll love celebrating how far you’ve come...and remembering that fifteen-minute-long conversation about whether or not to get chickens for the backyard.



For Co-Workers

The Weird Life & Times of Remote Work

For the notoriously difficult group to shop for, you can draw inspiration from the previous year to create a one-size-fits-all gift for your team.

Did you find yourself using your dining room table as your cubicle-away-from-cubicle this past year? Maybe you and your team took a hybrid in-office/remote work journey together?

Whatever the situation, thankfully, you had your co-workers to get through this experience with you.

Save your messages from a variety of platforms: iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, and more with the Keepster App for your desktop or laptop. Then pull together your favorite messages, emojis, and relevant The Office memes to catalog the experience only your co-workers will get in a Keepster Message Book.


Holy Cr*p! We Did It!

Mark the completion of a major team project with a holiday gift that celebrates success with your co-workers (or reminds them how happy you are for it to be over, phew).

With Keepster, you can save your messages and organize them into folders. Then piece together all those text conversations:

The collaborative “ok, how the h*ck do we do this?” whiteboard-session style ideas
The epic take-no-prisoners battle of “so, what should we order for lunch?
The “that meeting could’ve been an EMAIL!” joy of management’s random check-in.
The 3 AM revelation of “omg, i figured out another way to do it!
The day before implementation jitters, asking your work wife, “did we forget anything??” 
And all the party hat emojis you sent to celebrate launch or completion!

The unexpected best part? You’ll have a nice hard copy blueprint to gift and refer to ... just in case you have to do it all over again.



For Family

2021 Family Album in Pictures & Words

Start a new annual tradition this holiday season with the pictures and text messages that made your family’s year. 

From the quick “what you up to this weekend?” check-ins to your dad’s thoughts on that “weird Tik-Tok app. Is it a clock?” to your family’s summer trip to the beach when you asked mom “can you pick up some aloe? A LOT of it.”

Because, unlike a photo album, a Keepster Message Book is made up of sweet, irreplaceable moments and text messages with your family—not just photos. They’re the words, the conversations, the laughs, and “luv you too!”s that make your family’s story unique and worth sharing again and again.


Baby’s BIG Year

If we’re honest, every baby year, from newborn to toddlerhood, is a BIG year. It’s full of diapers, discoveries, and walking-chewing-talking firsts—all of which make the perfect baby book and holiday gift. 

With that extensive album of baby pictures on your phone (we know you have one), create a precious DIY baby book with Keepster, filled with sage midnight baby advice, all those big firsts, and the moments that make your heart melt. 

Keepster is a savvy, time-saving way to create a baby journal when you never seem to have the time—especially when you're arms-deep in diaper changing, food making, burping, and tummy-time duties. 

Include all the messages, emojis, photos, updates, and words that chart your baby’s growth and progress. Saving your messages automatically saves the date, time, and the “look hun! They’re doing it!” emotions that you never want to let go of. 

From their adorable holiday outfits to your first go at high-chair spaghetti, a holiday baby gift book is guaranteed to cause a multitude of ‘awww!’s...and perhaps, one day, be treasured by the grown-up version of your pride and joy. 



For Friends

“OMG. We’re Hilarious”

Your friends deserve the BEST holiday gift. They’re the ones who get you through all the things life throws your way. That makes your group chat everything—a place to vent, laugh, commiserate, and be your most authentic self.

And here’s a secret: that group chat is holiday gifting GOLD!

Turn the group that pings your phone dozens of times a day into a cool, new kind of gift that you know your friends will want to read —a Keepster Message Book full of your year’s best conversations, stories, debates, jokes, and LOL-inducing memes.

See how this Keepster fan turned her favorite group chat into a book!


When College Got Weird-er

Your college friends have been there for all those fun, challenging, and “OMG, guess who I saw in the quad??” moments, even when college life went virtual.

But no matter what, your college friends get you through. After all, you guys have a lot of thoughts, texts, and random emoji deciphering (🧘‍β™€οΈπŸ’€πŸŽΊπŸ’‰πŸΆ?) to entertain and provide that needed solace for these unusual college times.

Use a Keepster Message Book to commemorate these past two years with your friends and give them a holiday gift of all the messages and photos that answered your group’s ultimate question of “WTF is happening this semester?



Creating Your Personalized Keepster Holiday Gift Is Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Download & Install the Keepster App

To start, download the Keepster App to your desktop or laptop from our download page. Create your Keepster account and sign in.


Step 2: Save All Your Phone Messages

Back up your messages, photos (and don’t forget your favorite memes!) to your computer and save them in the Keepster app. From there, you can organize, create folders, and even easily search all your messages with just one click. 


Step 3: Create a Custom Book With Your Gift-Worthy Favorites

Using your favorite messages, create a custom Keepster Message Book you can personalize to your recipient. Choose from different binding options and cover colors, add a photo, write your title, select a font, and even include a sweet dedication at the beginning of your book. 

Check out the full list of Keepster book customizations


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