3 Ways to Start Living Intentionally Right Now!

As we ride into 2020 and a whole new decade, one word seems to pop up for us continuously: intentionality.

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We’re sad to see 2019 go.
It was an incredible year for us!

But here’s why 2020 is going to be even better...

2019 was a year full of growth and gratitude as we watched our beloved Keepster become one of the most trusted and enjoyed apps - across four continents! Whether you breathed sighs of relief safekeeping your SMS’s or organizing your endless threads of texts or you gifted actual memories in the form of Keepster books, we’d like to begin the new year by expressing our gratitude for your support. 

We are honored to have played our part!  


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3 Ways to Start Living Intentionally Right Now!

January 2020

2020 goals, plan, action

Good habits for 2020

As we ride into 2020 and a whole new decade, one word seems to pop up for us continuously: intentionality

We get that being purposeful and mindful in most everything we do is not always easy in our fast-paced world. However, now more than ever, it feels so important. Bringing intentionality into your life isn’t some grand movement... it’s little shifts here and there.

In fact, it can be as easy as looking at your texts differently. 

Let’s talk:

3 Ways to Start Living Intentionally Right Now! 

  1. πŸ’Œ  Send a thoughtful message once a week to someone who matters.
    Missing an old friend? Thinking of a loved one? Inspired to tell someone special that they’re appreciated? Take 10 seconds right here, right now, to text it. The simplest of actions feels good, and really, it matters. 

  1. πŸ“²  Write (some) texts like you’re writing for a (future) Keepster Book.
    Sure, you’ll still text “What’s your ETA?”.  But we’re encouraging you to consider texting with intention. Knowing you can keep and re-visit your messages with Keepster, you might begin to think differently about the words you type. They need not be meaningless throw-aways. Beyond the “I love you’s”, so much great stuff can fill the pages of your Keepster book!

  1. βœ…  Start the new year off with a Keepster backup. 
    A new year means committing to good habits, like being organized!  So start here: ensure meaningful texts are safe and do your Keepster backups monthly! That way you’ll have no regrets. Put important messages into Keepster folders, and save yourself lots of time when you need to find ‘that one’. Plus, zeroing in on wonderful memories is always an option.

These are just 3 simple things to practice in 2020, and they’ll take no time at all.

We believe the outcomes are far greater than you imagined:

  •  A quick, caring text could make someone’s day while texting with intention could strengthen a relationship.
  •  Backing up and organizing your texts regularly, ensures you can easily relive certain memories, or maybe even ensure a family recipe lives on! 
  • Of course, you can breathe easy when your favorite texts and pictures are safe. 

After all, it’s not about the texting -  it’s all about our connectedness that is happening via our screens.



What We’re Looking Forward To in 2020

We’re ridiculously excited about our projects and plans for the coming year.  New versions of the app will be rolled out throughout 2020. You will automatically be notified of updates. Meanwhile, here’s a teaser...

  1. Shhhh…. a new product is set to launch SOON. 
    (We can’t spill the beans just yet, but trust us, it’ll make Keepster even easier and pretty automagical to use).
  2. More book cover choices! 
    You’ll be able to pick from solid colors or fun patterns to customize your Keepster books.  Look for new covers in early 2020.
  3. We are growing the Keepster community! 
    The Keepster website and app will be available in new languages and we’ll be shipping Keepster Books to additional countries.
  4. Lots of new features are being planned for the app.  
    From new ways of sharing the messages saved in Keepster folders, to adding a “shopping cart” feature so it’ll be easy to order multiple books at one time.

If you have an idea you or features that you’d like us to consider please let us know. You can send us an email or chat with us next time you’re using the app.  



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