10 Ideas for Christmas Gifts that are Meaningful

Ditch impersonal gift cards! Celebrate the gift of connection with Keepster Message Books

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Filled with family, friends, and all the traditions that come with the season, Christmas abounds with meaning.

But when it comes to gifts, we’re always wondering what to get the people on our list. Often, that indecision turns into the inevitable purchase of a spiritless gift card.

Fortunately, you don’t have to hunt down the perfect Christmas gift each year. Because you already have it on your phone!

Use the text messages, photos, and meaningful conversations with the people who mean the most in your life to create a truly heartwarming Christmas gift with Keepster Message Books—a keepsake that’ll bear way more meaning than an impersonal gift card.

And whether it’s for him, her, they, mom, dad, your partner, or whoever occupies that special place in your heart and phone, a Keepster Message Book is a personal, unique way to say, “your words mean everything to me.


10 Ideas for Your Keepster Message Book Christmas Gift

Once you have your messages saved to the Keepster Computer App, creating a Keepster message book is fun and easy:

Step 1: Pick out your favorite texts, photos, and memes.
Step 2: Customize your book cover, color, font, and add a dedication.
Step 3: Hit that order button!

Use a Keepster Book as a loving gift to each person on your Christmas list or start a fun new Christmas tradition with your family or favorite group of friends. 

To help your inspiration take flight (like a particular sleigh we know), here are ten ideas for creating a Keepster Message Book for the Christmas gift recipients on your list!


For your BFF ... “You’re My Person.”

Texts with your BFF are the candid chronicle of two people being their most authentic selves. More than a bunch of messages, texting is where you make sense of the waves of life that come barreling through, plus the irreplaceable EPIC commentary that goes with it!

Gather your favorite conversations:

The OMG-worthy updates ...
The “I know it’s casual, but is this going overboard?” fashion check ...
The 5-second run-in with your crush that you relayed in extreme detail ...

Then include your favorite photos, emojis, and memes into a hilariously layered Message Book that shows your BFF why you can’t live without them.

It’s a book your bestie will love this Christmas. Obviously—you both wrote it!

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For those celebrating ... “That Moment Was Everything.”

It was the BIG day for a beloved couple or THE moment when your graduate walked across the stage. Whatever the occasion, it marked a turning point for a loved one in your life. 

Turn everything that you shared around their big moment, including the messages that led up to it and after too,  into a Christmas gift they’ll put in a special place on their shelf.

Like a scrapbook of the celebration, a Keepster Message Book marks a significant moment from your loved one’s year—through the texts that narrated it, the pictures that preserved it, and the hilarious commentary that made it so much more.


For your group of best GFs ... “This Group Is GOALS”

How is it that you all just get each other? That might be a mystery, but at least you have a group text of your best girlfriends to prove you found your squad.

Some texts and conversations span time, distance, and all the milestone moments you’ve been through. This is the group chat that gets you all through, and keeps you together through job changes, relationships, babies, and the odd “should I jump on this new wellness trend?” phase.

Use those oh-so-good messages, photos, and moments from the past year to create a “Best of The Year” Keepster Message Book to recount your favorite group chat moments. 

A Keepster Message Book is the perfect present to give all your best girlfriends this year for any Christmas activity or gift-giving party.

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For the guys ... “The Memes to Rule Them All.”

Some guys seem to expertly track down the funniest, most ridiculous, and probably-would-never-show-it-in-public memes from all corners of the internet. 

And where are they shared, celebrated, and stored? In that group chat with your best guy friends that you’ll never quit. Imagine this—a Christmas gift with the year’s best memes that your group will love revisiting (and laughing at ... again)!

Easily save your favorite conversations and those hilarious “holy sh*t!” memes to your computer. Then create a Keepster Message Book as an awesome Secret Santa gift or surprise present for the guys that are as hilarious as the memes themselves.


For Your Significant Other ... “The Naughty/Nice Evidence Book.”

Love during Christmas is always the best—thanks to basically every holiday movie. But getting a gift for your significant other, a person you think you should know pretty well by now, always seems like the hardest thing ever.

Take a cue from the holidays and create a Keepster Message Book with your partner’s “nice” sweet texts that get you through the day. Then include the “naughty” texts that well … also get you through the day (in a different way, of course 😉). 

Create a dedication that lets your partner know you’ve submitted this “evidence” to Santa as a fun, intimate, and playful way to keep the theme of the season alive and show your partner how much you love them and their words.


For Teens ... “The New Yearbook”

There are so many milestone moments for teens. First, you have the scheduled ones like prom, parties, trips with friends, plus those huge exams that never seem to stop happening (ugh!)

And then there’re the moments felt:
The heart-fluttering major crush ...
The “wow, everything sucks” first break up ...
And that embarrassing moment in the cafeteria that turned into laughs with you BFF ...

Whether you’re giving a Christmas gift to a teen or maybe you are one, a Keepster Message Book is the best and so-in-right-now way to preserve the thoughts, memories, and feelings you won’t find in a yearbook.

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For Mom ... “The ‘Always Has The Best Advice’ Queen”

She really does. When you’re at your lowest, mom always seems to be there with just the right thing to say. And no matter what you give her or make her (including that finger painting from decades ago), you know she’ll love it.

So create a book with your favorite bits of advice from mom, like the one listed here in our Best Advice blog post

Give mom a Keepster Message Book this Christmas with your favorite words of wisdom from her. A sweet and beautiful book will show mom that her advice—whether or not you’re listening—means the world to you.


For Dad ... “Dad’s Best Texts (So far ...)”

Like mom, dad has his own bits of advice, but most of the time, it’s intertwined with random questions and conversations that have you laughing instantly or thinking, “huh?” 

You might’ve had to bring him up to speed on major trends, or perhaps he brought you up to speed when you needed to change that flat tire on your own. Whether they’re helpful or quizzical, dad’s texted instructions and thoughts on life are Keepster Message Book gold. 

Build a Message Book gift for dad with all of his musings over text—don’t forget to include your favorite photos and his best attempts at using emojis.


For siblings ... “How I Know We’re Related ;)”

Why do we love the people that annoy the fluff out of us? Because they’re our siblings, the keepers of dirty secrets and embarrassing grade-school photos. 

They’ve been there through all life’s and downs. They laughed when you get braces, but hey at least they were honest. Gather the text conversations with your siblings as a chronicle of growing up in a family with the one(s) that know you best.

How about those texted thoughts of your family camping trip, the “Omg, you’ll never believe what dad did” moments, or the quick life check-ins on a Sunday afternoon? A Keepster Message Book is proof that you love them and you can’t live without them . . . even if you try sometimes.


For grandparents . . . “A Family Album of Texts”

Their sage advice and unending kindness, not to mention unexpected humor, make your grandparents some of your favorite people to chat with. 

Instead of getting them a Christmas present that only adds to what they don’t need (since they have everything, basically), give them a Message Book with the year’s best conversations, photos, and moments to include in their collection of albums. You’ll show them a new modern way of inspiring nostalgia.

Better yet, if you’ve become a parent yourself, use your Keepster Baby Book as a gift to your child’s “great” grandparents. They’ll enjoy the journey just as much as you.


Tis the season for more meaning.

A Keepster Message Book is a gift of memories that hold meaning and connections that define our lives. They preserve a curated collection of quirky everyday interactions—things that we might otherwise forget. 

And since the Christmas season is all about togetherness, your gift is a chance to show the people around you how much their words truly mean.

Message Books make fabulous stocking stuffers, carefully wrapped presents for a spot under the tree, or an heirloom to occupy that special place on a loved one’s shelf. 

Give the people on your list a unique Christmas gift they won’t want to put down this holiday season (or ever) with a Keepster Message Book.




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