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Original valentines forever yours   dedication page

A Keepster Couple "Why My Impossible-to-Shop-For Husband Loved Getting a Keepster Book"


Hi, I’m a sentimental millennial

Some people are impossible to shop for: either they have it, they don’t need it, or they’d rather skip presents all together! My husband would be one of those people. I don’t mean to make it sound like he’s difficult - he’s wonderful and the sw...

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Q + A with Keepster Recipient


I Gave My BFF a Keepster Book (And Here’s What She Said About it)

Hi, it’s me again, Olivia. This time I’m back and no, it’s not with a gift guide for your husband who has everything. It’s a quick Q + A with my best friend Jenny - the very first person I gave a Keepster book to! She...

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Dedication Page 101 with Keepster


How to write a great dedication page for your Keepster Book

Congratulations! You’ve decided to create your Keepster book, selecting your very favorite moments and messages, photos and emojis...bundling them together in the most personalized present yet. Cue all the confetti because you’ve just elevat...

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