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Use one app to backup SMS, texts and messages from your favorite messaging apps from your iPhone to your computer.
Fully Private | Secure Backup | Password Protected
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Easy to search, select and save the texts and photos
that matter, all in one App.
Easy to search, select and save the texts and photos that matter, all in one App.

How Many Messaging Apps Do You Use?

If you are like most people, you probably have a few different messaging apps and switch between them to have conversations with your friends, family and contacts. Keepster makes it easy to backup and organize messages from your favorite messaging platforms all in one place. Simply connect your iPhone to your computer and Keepster will guide you through the process to backup all your messages..

Once your messages are backed up using Keepster, you will be able to search by keyword or date to find your meaningful messages and save them to folders. You can even save whole conversation threads containing thousands of messages.


Erik W.


“I’m so relieved to have all my messages backed up on my computer! I lost them before and am so glad it can't happen again. Also it was so easy to search for important ones and put them in folders.”


Justin J..


“Keepster is one of the best mobile/desktop applications that has ever been created. No longer do I lose my entire life when changing to a new device or email. I LOVE YOU GUYS AND GALS!!”


Zander T.


“Keepster is great! It's an easy way to save text messages or entire conversations. This came in extremely handy for me with my business, completely saved me.”


Why Save Your iPhone Messages and Texts with Keepster?


Never lose a message even if your iPhone is lost or damaged


Create a unique Keepster Message Book to give to a loved one or keep on your bookshelf


Make a digital PDF of your messages for safekeeping


Search your messages by date or keywordd—without endless scrolling


Organize important texts from various places into categories for easy reference


Multiple devices, multiple backups Save messages from multiple devices without overriding previous backups

Why Keepster’s text message backup app is better than iTunes/Finder

Those backups are solely designed to help you restore your entire phone. Keepster allows you to do so much more. Not only backup all your sms, texts and messages but easily search, organize, and turn them into PDFs or books––all from your desktop.

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How do I save text messages with Keepster Backup?

Download Keepster

Make sure all your software is updated before text message downloading. Learn more about the software requirements..

Plug in phone

Plug in your phone

Grab your phone cord or a dongle and start a basic backup with Finder or iTunes.

Import your messages

Grab a drink! If you have a lot of messages and media, it could take a bit longer. So sit back, relax, and let Keepster get to work.

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Preview of Browsing Your Messages in Keepster

We also have a tutorial video and step-by-step guide on text message downloading and how to make a Keepster backup. For more instructional videos, see our How-To posts.


Create folders to organize what is uniquely yours.

Every relationship has its unique language. Whether for a good laugh, for comfort, a special occasion or for simply being practical, there’s often a need to revisit your messages.

Keepster folders are the solution:
  • Label your folders by subject, person or however you wish.
  • Folders can include messages from multiple contacts and/or from different platforms.
  • Add new message or remove them whenever you want.
There is no limit to the number of folders
you can create to organize your messages.
Keepster backups

Keepster Backup Customer Stories

A message book filled with family text messages & chats
Check out this 2-part video review by verified-customer, busy mom and lifestyle blogger, Suzanne Brown, who made a Keepster book as the perfect Father’s Day gift for her husband. Watch Videos >>

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Favorite messages are just a click away with Keepster.